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Crowns And Bridges

Gateway Dental

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Modern crowns and bridges offered at Gateway Dental in Colleyville, Texas, are the best ways to maintain your natural bite and smile. If you have a missing tooth or need to restore your bite with a crown or bridge, schedule an evaluation to see how Dr. Patricia Calabria, Dr. Andre Ellis, and the caring team at Gateway Dental can help you. Schedule your appointment by calling the office.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

Why do I need a dental bridge?

You might need a dental bridge to fill in a space left by a missing tooth or if you're planning to have a tooth pulled. A bridge is also an ideal solution if you’re not a candidate for dental implants.

Bridges are necessary to prevent your teeth from shifting. Otherwise, abnormal shifting leaves you with a crooked smile and abnormal bite. In as few as two short dental visits, you can have a bridge that helps preserve your normal bite.

Why would I need a dental crown?

A dental crown is a protective cover for a tooth that’s made of highly durable materials. You might need one to cover your tooth after a root canal or strengthen a weak tooth. Crowns are also the final component of the dental implant process if you’re missing one or more teeth.

How long does it take to get a crown?

A crown generally takes 1-2 visits to complete, depending on why you need it.

During your first visit, your dedicated dentist at Gateway Dental prepares your tooth and takes an impression or picture. Then, they fabricate your crown and bond it that same day, or possibly on a subsequent day, depending on the health of your underlying tooth.

Ask Dr. Calabria or Dr. Ellis if you’re a candidate for a same-day crown with the CEREC® CAD/CAM system. This revolutionary system creates your crown right in the office — often in less than an hour.

Are crowns and bridges permanent?

Crowns and bridges are durable fixtures that last for an extended period (up to eight years or more). In some cases, by following optimal oral hygiene practices, crowns and bridges can last a lifetime.

While the crown or bridge itself might not be permanent, the treatment is permanent, because of the alteration of your underlying tooth — or teeth — during the preparation process. This prep allows your tooth to act as an anchor (abutment) for the crown or bridge. You need your crown or bridge replaced if it falls out or becomes damaged.

Although crowns and bridges don’t decay, underlying teeth or gum tissue can become damaged or decayed, which often leads to loose or broken fixtures. Daily brushing and flossing are necessary to prevent oral health issues, as are regular dental visits.

Schedule your exam at Gateway Dental to see if you need a crown or bridge. Book an appointment over the phone.